3 New Year’s Themes (Not Resolutions) for Startup Founders

Posted by on Jan 2, 2015 in Goals, Planning, Risk

I like the idea of choosing New Year’s themes better than making resolutions. Resolutions are too all-or-nothing. Plus, breaking a resolution has the effect of lowering the resolve in your head, often leading to dropping the resolution altogether. Themes on the other hand are not all-or-nothing. With a New Year’s theme, you apply effort to the theme topic at the pace that fits your current life situation. Even with ebbs and flows in activity, continuing to work at the theme ultimately pays nice dividends. Here are three New Year’s themes that will make you a better entrepreneur in 2015. Get those plans out of your head. Most entrepreneurs carry a jumble of really good plans and ideas around in their heads and only let them out in fits and spurts. Making a specific effort to write your plans down forces you to organize, and most importantly, choose which of those ideas make the cut. You could start by documenting a handful of big milestones for your startup. Then list the to-do items that support making each milestone happen. Choosing forward looking milestones gives your efforts focus, helps you decide which activities are most important, and always gives you an answer to the question “What should I work on next?”...

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