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ProjectLibre Practice Project 

  – The Step-by-Step Sequence for Success

By Lisa A. Bucki



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Build ProjectLibre projects the right way. Avoid common pitfalls by following the numerous of Do’s and Don’ts presented throughout this guide.

Learn powerful open source project management software skills. This easy to follow guide takes you through an example of how to use ProjectLibre to build and track a basic project plan. By following the steps presented in this guide, you’ll build the skills to use ProjectLibre to manage a live project plan in your organization or for your personal needs.

Check your results compared with the free example file. Download the free finished example project file to compare your progress or experiment with various actions on your own.

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Color Mgmt Cover 2013_med

Color Management and Print Prep in Photoshop CS6 for Windows

  – Setting up devices and files for color matching

By Lisa A. Bucki


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Color management can be an intimidating subject for anyone who’s new-ish to working with graphics and professional printing. Achieving the perfect match between onscreen and printed colors every time mixes a good deal of art with science.

Photoshop includes tools to improve color matching, and Color Management and Print Prep in Photoshop CS6 for Windows gives you a solid introduction to the color management fundamentals to use those tools effectively.

In this book, you’ll learn the technical basics for better color output and how to set up Photoshop CS6 for Windows with appropriate settings for working in color.

Tasks you'll learn...

Tasks You’ll Learn

Section 1

  • Understand color management and workflow
  • Understand working spaces and profiles
  • Change the working space
  • Proof colors onscreen
  • Find out of gamut colors

Section 2

  • Understand file formats and output to PDF
  • Set color management policies
  • Assign a color profile to a file
  • Convert a file to another mode and profile

Section 3

  • Use the Photoshop Print Settings dialog box
  • Print a single copy
  • Learn about printer’s marks
  • Create a proof
  • Learn about PMS colors
  • Create duotones and spot colors
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