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Founder’s Pocket Guide Companion Files

Valuation Explorer

[Founder’s Pocket Guide: Startup Valuation]

This companion file to the Founder’s Pocket Guide: Startup Valuation provides readers the ability to follow along with key examples reviewed in this guide. With a live version of the Excel file you’ll be able to test various valuation “what-if’s” and document your work of determining a reasonable pre-money valuation for your startup.



Startup-Valuation-Explorer.xlsx (2027 downloads)

Stock Options Companion File

[Founder’s Pocket Guide: Stock Options]

With this companion file to the Founder’s Pocket Guide: Stock Options and Equity Compensation you’ll be able to follow along with the examples presented in the guide, exploring various equity compensation structures and exit event equity payout scenarios.

FPG-Stock-Options-Companion-File.xlsx (893 downloads)

Cap Table Example

[Founder’s Pocket Guide: Cap Tables]

This companion file to the Founder’s Pocket Guide: Cap Tables enables readers to follow along with each section of this guide. With a live version of the excel file you’ll be able to review the overall layout of the cap table, examine each of the formulas that calculate outcomes such as shareholder percentages, and conduct what-if scenarios that show how investments and founder dilution percentages play out.

Founders-Pocket-Guide-Cap-Table-Mar-2019.xlsx (2452 downloads)

Equity Splits Workbook

[Founder’s Pocket Guide: Founder Equity Splits]

With this companion file to the Founder’s Pocket Guide: Founder Equity Splits you’ll be able to test the equity split frameworks and save the outcomes to review with your co-founders. The free file includes the following components: 1) The Founder Test and 2) The Equity Split Scorecard.

Equity-Split-Workbook.xlsx (970 downloads)

Additional Resources

The Ultimate Angel Funding Checklist

Use this infographic as the foundation for your startup fundraising efforts. Review all of the steps and sections that make an effective angel funding pitch. Also review the prep and deal points that are necessary to make your startup “Investor-Ready.”

The-Ultimate-Angel-Funding-Checklist-Final.pdf (666 downloads)

Startup Validations Worksheet

Use this worksheet to log all of the validations associated with your startup, including: key milestones reached, customer testimonials captured, product development tasks completed, and so on.

IR-Validations-Worksheet.pdf (630 downloads)

Investor Pitch Outline and Worksheet

Use this funding pitch outline to build your slide deck and craft a compelling angel investor pitch. Use the startup validations worksheet section to take inventory of all the critical milestones your startup has achieved.

IR-Pitch-Outline-Worksheet.pdf (656 downloads)

Elevator Pitch Worksheet

Use this worksheet to write a thoughtful and concise elevator pitch for your startup.

IR-1-Sentence-Pitch-Worksheet.pdf (623 downloads)