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Founder’s Pocket App: Startup Valuation

V 1.0

For many early-stage entrepreneurs mastering the calculations around the startup valuation topic causes uncertainty and fear.

This app helps startup founders talk confidently with investors, providing a quick reference to all of the key calculations for early-stage startup valuation discussions.

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Using the Founder’s Pocket App: Startup Valuation, startup founders learn:

  • How fundraising math is simplified with The Basic Valuation Equation
  • How to calculate an Investor’s Equity Percentage based on pre-money valuation and the investment amount.
  • How to calculate your Implied Valuation based on raise amount and dilution percentage.
  • How to calculate founders Implied Dilution Percentage.
  • Double-check your math with the Raise Amount Sanity Check.
  • What your True Pre-Money Valuation is and how it impacts your funding deal.
  • How founder equity splits and investor equity ownership plays out in a Cap Table View.
  • How to use the Valuation Cheat Sheet