Startup Fact Sheets

Mini-Infographics for Startup Founders


We are super exited to launch our latest publishing effort—Startup Fact Sheet mini-infographics. These free fact sheets offer highly visual how-to information for startup founders and small business entrepreneurs.

Check out our first issue on the Startup Valuation Equation—a critical part of any fundraising effort.

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Issue 0001: The Startup Valuation Equation

SFS Valuation Equation


Issue 0002: Accredited Investor Status

SFS Issue 0002 Accredited Investor 768 x 998


Issue 0003: Startup Burn Rate

SFS Issue 0003 Burn Rate 768 x 998


Issue 0004: Funding Sanity Check

SFS Funding Sanity Check 768x998

Issue 0005: Employer ID Numbers

SFS EIN 768x998


Issue 0006: Startup Cap Tables

SFS Cap Tables 768x998


Issue 0007: Angels vs. VCs

 SFS Angels vs VCs 768x998


Issue 0008: Startup Funding Stages

 SFS Issue 0008 Funding Stages 768x998


Issue 0009: Implied Valuation

 SFS Issue 0009 Implied Valuation 768x998


Issue 0010: Implied Dilution

 SFS Issue 0010 Implied Dilution 768x998


Issue 0011: Convertible Debt

 SFS Issue 0011 Convertible Debt 768x998


Issue 0012: Term Sheet Basics

 SFS Issue 0012 Term Sheets 768x998


Issue 0013: Board of Directors Vs. Advisors

 SFS Issue 0013 BOD vs BOA 768x998