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ProjectLibre Practice Project

The Step-by-Step Sequence for Success

ISBN: 978-1-938162-13-8


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Build ProjectLibre projects the right way.

Avoid common pitfalls by following the numerous of Do’s and Don’ts presented throughout this guide.

Learn powerful open source project management software skills.

This easy to follow guide takes you through an example of how to use ProjectLibre to build and track a basic project plan. By following the steps presented in this guide, you’ll build the skills to use ProjectLibre to manage a live project plan in your organization or for your personal needs.

Check your results compared with the free example file.

Download the free finished example project file to compare your progress or experiment with various actions on your own.


Download the ProjectLibre Companion File

This companion file to the ProjectLibre Practice Project book and course enables readers to follow along with each section of this guide. Use this free finished example project file to compare your progress or experiment with various actions on your own.

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What’s Inside

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Why ProjectLibre?

  • What This Book Provides—and Doesn’t
  • A Few Assumptions about the Software and You
  • Book Organization, Elements, and Downloads
  • Files and Downloads
  • Acknowledgments

2. Road Map: Creating and Managing a Project

3. Understanding Project Initiation

4. Creating the Project Plan File and Project Calendar

5. Choosing Overall Project Parameters

  • Start Date and Calendar

6. Listing Project Tasks

7. Organizing the Outline and Scheduling Tasks

  • Organizing the Project Using Outlining
  • Adding Links to Calculate the Project Schedule
  • Tweaking the Project Schedule

8. Adding Project Resources

9. Assigning Resources to Tasks

10. Saving the Baseline for the Plan

11. Tracking Completed Work for Tasks

12. Sharing Results through Views and Reports

13. Review


What People are Saying

“Easy way to learn ProjectLibre Basics”

“This book provides a step-by-step entry of a small project in ProjectLibre By entering the data for the project one learns the basics of setting up a project and entering information for resources and assigning people and resources to tasks It takes 8 hours or less to work through the steps and by the end you will have a good grasp of how to use ProjectLibre


“Five stars!”

“Super easy to follow”

D. Lopez